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About us

David Challis P/L, trading as Challis International is a  change management, asset management and power electrical engineering consultancy with an outstanding record. We have extensive global experience assisting businesses operating in complex and dynamic environments engage and align their people and transform their culture to support a new direction, a new initiative or a new business imperative. Our Asset Management pedigree has been earned by senior experienced, hands on consultants working with people in positions of influence across the business to embed AM operating platforms and processes and transform organisation culture to create a sustainable source of competitive advantage. We also have completed over 80 SAFOP, or eHAZOP, studies across all phases of the project lifecycle.  Our success and preferred consultancy status is underpinned by our ability to :

  • consistently deliver world class outcomes,
  • flex our approach & style to meet client needs,
  • build client partnerships based on trust and quality service,
  • ensure that major stakeholder needs and expectations are met,
  • transfer change management skills to clients to promote self sufficiency,
  • continuously improve & evolve our consulting approaches & technologies,
  • ensure outcomes are owned by those responsible for their implementation.

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