Service Offerings - Challis International

A. General Management Consulting Services

Our General Management consulting services are clustered around six key themes. They are :

1.0 Strategy & Change Planning.
Developing business direction and developing integrated change plans.

  • exploring & clarifying mission, vision and strategic intent,
  • developing and broadening product and service offerings,
  • developing strategic plans and a measurement and control framework,
  • cascading business measures, goals and objectives into workgroups,
  • aligning our structures and roles with business direction and business intent,
  • formulating HR strategies and identifying and developing critical capabilities.

2.0 Process & Structure.
Improving service delivery processes, product/service offerings and organisational arrangements.

  • increasing speed and responsiveness,
  • eliminating hand offs and inefficiencies,
  • clarifying, instilling and anchoring accountability,
  • increasing customer satisfaction and business value added,
  • increasing quality and eliminating waste, defects and rework,
  • ensuring decisions are made by those best placed to make them,
  • increasing service delivery process effectiveness and efficiency,

3.0 Culture & Leadership.
Developing organizational, team and individual capability, self-sufficiency and alignment.

  • shifting culture, behaviour and belief systems,
  • helping people to work more effectively together,
  • increasing top team effectiveness, relationships and teamwork,
  • helping people surface and explore the answers to their own problems,
  • helping to upskill & empower front line managers & supervisors to lead,
  • getting people working in the business to think & act like they own the business,
  • optimising the performance of divisional, departmental and workgroup boundaries.

4.0 Individual Effectiveness.
Developing interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence and self awareness.

  • assertively contracting personal and team needs,
  • establishing, maintaining and managing stakeholder, customer and peer relationships,
  • increasing personal and team influencing capability,
  • galvanising the commitment of others to a project or initiative,
  • establishing mentoring and coaching processes and mechanisms,
  • developing understanding of the shadow self and personal coping skills,
  • managing employee performance (feedback, recognition, confronting etc),
  • surfacing and addressing issues and tensions – discussing the undiscussables.

5.0 Change Management.
Implementing change management processes to align people and culture

  • organisational and stakeholder analysis,
  • value realisation,
  • communications and awareness,
  • change leadership and stakeholder desire,
  • skills and capability development,
  • coaching and mentoring,
  • anchoring and embedding,
  • culture, behaviour and beliefs.

6.0 Organisational Best Practices.
Implementing Best Practice capital expenditure and asset management work arrangements

  • strategy and intent,
  • planning and scheduling,
  • roles and responsibilities,
  • process and forums,
  • information and reporting,
  • skills and capability,
  • front end loading,
  • contracting/contractor strategy/contractor appointment,
  • scope/variation management,
  • OHS management,
  • tendering,
  • cost reporting and management,
  • operations/maintenance philosophy and agreement.

Specifically, Challis International offers the following General Management consulting services:

  • Strategic thinking and strategic planning,
  • Organisation structure and job redesign,
  • Process innovation and re-engineering,
  • People and technology alignment,
  • Developing change management plans for IT and technological projects,
  • Organisation, technological and cultural diagnosis and reviews,
  • Organisation culture change,
  • Leadership development,
  • Mentoring and coaching,
  • Business & customer service orientation influencing capability,
  • Benchmarking and best practice,
  • Implementation of team-based structures,
  • Teamwork and team development,
  • Specialist facilitation.

B. Asset Management Consulting Services

1.0 Introduction.

As a hybrid General Management and Asset Management consulting organisation, we focus on making improvements to Engineering, Production, Maintenance and Supply Management processes and systems for organisations in capital-intensive industries. Our clients includes many leading, blue-chip, global organisations in the Mining and Mineral Processing, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Utilities, Power Generation and Distribution and Heavy Manufacturing sectors. We provide our services on a global scale consulting to organisations throughout Asia, The Far East, The Middle East, Canada, USA and Australia.

Unlike most specialist Asset Management consultancies we apply high level strategic thinking, combined with practical, hands-on assistance right down to shop-floor level. Our people-focused approach to reliability improvement is a key point of differentiation and assists our clients to make rapid, sustainable, step-change improvements in their Asset Management performance.

We also focus on transferring our knowledge and skills to clients to embed a continuous improvement culture within their organisations thereby enabling ongoing improvement to occur long after our involvement has concluded.

2.0 Asset Management Training.

We offer formal Asset Management Training in a range of areas including :


3.0 Asset Management Reviews.

The ability to demonstrate Asset Management  excellence and/or compliance to key standards provides assurance to customers, owners, employees and regulators. Any effective Asset Management Plan must deliver an appropriate blend of short and longer term outcomes that close the gap between the target ‘Asset Managed’ state and the current state.

Many organisations have found that carrying out a systematic gap analysis enabled them to identify key improvement opportunities and build these into a prioritized action plan.  This enabled business deliverables to be achieved more effectively, with fewer resources and in a shorter timeframe.

Our Assessment Methodology is PAS55 compliant and has been developed through many years of research to established standards of academic rigour and subsequently honed through experience and practice. The methodology emphasises those factors and attributes that have proven to deliver sustainable improvements in Asset Performance, and are essential Conditions For Success to support an AM work program.

Critical elements considered in our Asset Management reviews include :

  • Business Integration,
  • Policy,
  • Governance,
  • Risk Management,
  • Budget and Cost Management, Sponsorship,
  • Stakeholder Management, Vision,
  • Strategy and Plans,
  • KPI’s,
  • Processes,
  • Structure,
  • Roles and Responsibilities, Relationships and Interfaces, Information and Systems,
  • Leadership,
  • People and Culture,
  • Contingency planning,
  • Outsourcing,
  • Training and Capability, Communication & Engagement,  Documentation and Records, Information Management, , Legal/Legislative Requirements,  Management of Change,
  • Life-Cycle Activities,
  • Tools and Techniques,
  • Facilities and Equipment,  Performance and Condition, Failure Investigation,
  • Incidents and Nonconformities,  Compliance and  Audit, Corrective & Preventative Action, Continuous Improvement
  • Deliverables/Performance, and
  • other elements as required by legislation and company standards

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