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Our Approach

We apply a systemic approach to change management and employ a broad range of models and frameworks. We look at each situation from an holistic perspective that:

  • Integrates with, and leverages off, business and organizational objectives and current and planned change activities,
  • Recognises business, cultural, political and social sensitivities and issues,
  • Builds on business and organizational strengths,
  • Considers both formal change management system elements (structure, training, communication etc)and informal change management system elements (power system, political system, cultural forces in operation etc),
  • Seeks to develop key organizational, divisional, team and individual behaviours and beliefs that energise business success,
  • Seeks to build people into the process and avoid an expert or doctrinaire driven approach, but rather, treat each situation as unique and honour the dynamics already existing within an organisation by redirecting and reshaping them to create satisfying solutions,
  • Recognises local resourcing realities and constraints,
  • Recognises the systemic nature of organizational change and development.

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