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SAFOP , often referred to as eHAZOP or an Electrical Safety Review (ESR) is a series of studies that can be used during the various phases of a Power Electrical Engineering Project. These studies are applied to assist in various objectives including :

  1. Optimising the reliability, security, safety and operability of the design to best meet plant/facility objectives
  2. Identifying major hazards to different personnel in construction, commissioning and operation of high voltage installations
  3. FEL (Front End Loading) the design to avoid waste and rework and help assure compliance with budget and schedule
  4. Facilitating organisational learning by providing a structured process to embed prior learnings and experiences in the design
  5. Building JV partner, stakeholder and end user commitment to the design.


Challis International have been performing SAFOP studies for over 30 years. We were involved in the development of the technology in the late 1980’s and its subsequent implementation within Shell SE Asia late 1980's/early 1990’s.

Since this time we have been progressively evolving the technology based on :

  1. Our experience. We have completed 400 SAFOP studies at all project stages : Front End Design, Detailed Design, Front End Construction etc
  2. Technological changes that have occurred within the Power Electrical Engineering Discipline - both at an equipment (eg switchgear and protection) and system level (eg Supervisory and Control Systems, Communications and Protection systems)
  3. Changing electrical risk profile within many businesses (eg regulatory expectations, increased scale/complexity of electrical equipment, contractor and third party duty of care responsibilities)
  4. Opportunities created by use of web based technologies

We have a 96% repeat business ratio.

The reasons that our clients provide for engaging/re-engaging us include :

  1. Collectively we have 170 years of Power Electrical Engineering experience in Petrochemical, Oil, Gas, Processing and Utility industries…we can walk the talk
  2. SAFOP experience : we have completed over 400 SAFOP studies
  3. An unsurpassed commitment to customer service…we are totally committed to providing the customer what they want when they want it
  4. Our SAFOP technology. We have been leaders in the evolution of the SAFOP technology and approach. Key features of our approach include :
    a. Customisation to meet client specific needs and issues
    b. Undertaking SAFOP at three different levels (most studies undertake a review at node level only) : we consider node and in addition, philosophy and the overall electrical system
    c. Delivering tangible outcomes (eg design improvements, work practice improvements) and intangible outcomes if needed (eg surfacing and aligning JV partner expectations, evolving a one team thinking and approach to projects and breaking down siloed thinking)
    d. our use of preworkshop surveying tools to identify participant needs/issues and ensure that the SAFOP agenda addresses them
  5. Our preparedness and capability to work at multiple levels, for example :
    a. Conducting SAFOP studies on a per project basis
    b. Providing an independent service to support study execution and action item finalisation, authorisation and close out
    i. Worksheet completion and review
    ii. Traffic light monitoring : compliance with schedule
    iii. Surface and address roadblocks and issues
    iv. Ensure completed action items deliver the business and project benefits sought
    c. Preparing and implementing plans to embed the SAFOP technology in business operations until it becomes “part of the way we do business”
    d. Training, accrediting and coaching key staff members in the use of the SAFOP technology
    e. Using our webbased SAFOP technology to facilitate/enable study execution in remote locations
  6. Our purpose built SAFOP software provides clients with the following benefits
    a. Ability to review node, guideword and promptwords preworkshop
    b. Providing a worksheet structure that supports more focused recommendations
    c. The ability for all authorised persons to review and refine worksheet content in real time …each reviewer can see all other reviewer’s comments
    d. Traffic Light capability to track action item completion and manage close out


Please contact : Dr David Challis