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Our Capabilities

Challis International was formed by a team of senior, experienced change consultants, with the aim of helping organisations increase their performance and effectiveness. We achieve this by working with individuals and groups to build a strong sense of identity, supportive relationships and effective strategies, structures, processes and systems. The team consists of 6 to 8 experienced consultants. Each consultant has worked previously in a large change management consultancy, as a change agent within a sophisticated global organisation and/or as academic within a tertiary institution. The average consulting experience of team members is 15 to 20 years. Each team member has facilitated major change management projects across a broad spectrum of public and private sector organisations. CV’s and client lists will be supplied on request. Our approach to our work is underpinned on the following principles :

  • CLIENT CENTRIC. We are acutely aware that each client situation has a number of unique cultural, organizational, political and social nuances that need to be considered when contemplating any change intervention. Challis International applies a broad range of consulting techniques and approaches. Some focus on the logical and rational aspects of organisational life, some on emotive, intuitive and sensory aspects and others on more deeper irrational, subconscious and often undiscussable aspects of organisational life where immense opportunities for development and growth frequently exist. We ensure that the consulting approach used is the optimal fit with client need and client situation.
  • UNLOCK ENERGY FOR CHANGE. Our high involvement consultative style helps to liberate and direct organizational energy for change and ensure that recommendations are ‘owned’ by the client and a true commitment exists to their implementation.
  • BEST PRACTICE KNOWLEDGE. Our approach is underpinned on our knowledge of global Best Practices. Our principal, Dr David Challis has co-authored an international text with Professor Danny Samson, Professor of Management at Melbourne University, that describes the principles, values and behaviours that underpin success in the world’s best businesses (please refer to the book website : www.excellentpatterns.com for further details). Our people have worked extensively in both public and private sectors and can bring the appropriate blend of breadth of knowledge and sensitivity to local context and issues. Further, many of our consultants have lived abroad for extended periods of time and have undertaken international assignments. We maintain an awareness of worldwide developments in change management and organisation improvement and continually search for new methods and approaches that will benefit our clients.
  • WELL PROVEN CONSULTING PROCESSES & METHODOLOGIES. We have developed proprietary consulting processes and methodologies that seek to develop high yield intangible organizational attributes – eg. identity, alignment, engagement, purpose, relationships, customer service, culture, safety (eg SAFOP Study, HAZOP Study) to life.
  • CAPABILITY. Our consultants have heavyweight facilitation, change management and senior line management experience. They have worked within large corporate organisations as senior managers and internal change agents. Our principal, Dr David Challis, completed a PhD in change management titled "Best Practices : What Works and Why?".
  • SKILLS TRANSFERANCE. We transfer skills to our clients to help increase organizational capability and self sufficiency.
  • SOFTWARE. We use proprietary software, the Pulse barometer, to support these specific requirements by supporting the energisation and anchoring of values and behaviours at all organisational levels, increase organisational sensitivity and awareness, identify hot spots, develop communities of learning, support leaders as appropriate and hold leaders accountable for behavioural change. This system is used in a number of large public sector and private sector organizations. Click here for more information.http://www.challisinternational.com/Main.asp?_=Pulse%20Barometers
  • RATES. Cost competitive rates structures.

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