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SAFOP's, (often referred to as Electrical Reviews or eHAZOP studies) are powerful processes to :

  • Increase safety by minimising hazards to personnel installing, operating, maintaining or working in the vicinity of, electrical apparatus,
  • Enhance operability and security of electrical supplies by design enhancement/removal of design limitations,
  • Avoiding operator error through strategies including training, competency, procedures, authorities and systems of work,
  • Maximise design business benefits and minimise capital and operating costs,
  • Onboard construction and commissioning personnel and assess construction and commissioning plans,
  • Capitalise on the skills and knowledge of personnel and build past learnings into future designs.

    2.0 SERVICES

    Our commitment to achieve these goals is reflected in our strong commitment to :

  • Undertake SAFOP studies to a high standard of professional excellence,
  • Support clients identify how SAFOP technologies can best be applied with their business,
  • Development of senior management support and sponsorship of the SAFOP technology,
  • Develop/implement change management plans to support clients embed the SAFOP technology in their business,
  • Support clients develop the skills to manage and execute SAFOP studies.


    We offer three different SAFOP training programs - white (aware), green (skilled) and black belt (master). Details are :



    All programs have been developed within a rigorous Quality Management Framework to ensure :

  • The development and delivery of SAFOP training to high standards of professional excellence,
  • The quality of SAFOP training materials is assured,
  • The rigour of the SAFOP assessment program is assured.
  • Course have also been aligned to AQTF/2007 (Australian Quality Training Framework) principles and apply the same concepts used in the development and delivery of HAZOP programs.


    Upon successful completion of all program development requirements and/or formal assessment (if required), individuals are issued a Certificate of Achievement.

    Note : As at 2016, there are currently no internationally or nationally recognised standards or codes of practice related to SAFOP competency, SAFOP competency development and assessment processes and/or the capabilities of organisations providing SAFOP training services. Consequently, David Challis P/L, Trading as Challis International do not purport to offer Accredited SAFOP Training or SAFOP Training to an industry recognised Certificate Of Competency.